Privacy Policy

privacy policy

By using our Services, you accept and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Printtoot considers the privacy of its customers very important and it is our priority to protect your privacy, starting from your personal data to every photo you send to us. When you upload to our software, we will ask you for your name, permanent mailing address, phone number and email address. Your personal data will not be transferred to any third party or any website.

Collection and use of personal information

Access to this data is restricted to authorized Printout employees. The request for this data is for the purpose of carrying out the instructions for your orders and in order to better understand individual customer needs.
The type of data we request may include:
Your Name
your postal address
Your phone number
Your E-mail

Delivery Policy

When processing orders, delivery is via SMSA, and the delivery time takes 3-7 working days and may increase depending on the pressure on the factory.
Brentot is distinguished by its high quality. And if you receive any damaged products, which is very rare, please do not return the product to us without first contacting Customer Service. Please use the following instructions so that we can understand your problem and we will do our best to find the right solution immediately:
Take a digital photo of the damage with a detailed description of the problem (with your name and order number) and send it to the following email:
Please note that each product is manufactured individually and there may be slight variations in type or colour. Printout reserves the right to refuse any discounts, refunds or reprints on any issues that can be corrected or about any errors caused by the customer. Otherwise, if we find that the defect is production-related, we will ask you to ship the product back to us so we can correct it.

Printout does not modify the content of your application in any way, as you are responsible for reviewing your application before uploading it and we do not bear any responsibility for any errors made by you before downloading. Also, PrintToot will not modify your photos by fixing with colors, but you are responsible for doing so. Also, “Printout” is not responsible for any images that are not to your satisfaction as a result of the imaging equipment that you have used that has not been altered inaccurately or the photographic equipment. Printout uses high-quality printing devices that display a wide range of colors and a high color intensity, thus reflecting the majority of the colors on the screen that have been accurately calibrated. Also, please note that some high-quality screens will display a wider range of colors than can be printed with modern technology tools. Any defects reported after 14 days of receipt will be rejected.

Printout does not return any cash, checks or credit card amounts on any product.

In the event that the order is not received from the customer within a period of time not exceeding 30 days from the date of completing the order, the product will be destroyed without any liability towards Printout, and without refunding any amounts related to the order.

We are not responsible for any error in the level of customer details provided in our systems. Also, cases of loss or errors at the level of delivery are not a valid reason for cancellation or return. We also do not consider the following cases a valid reason for cancellation or refund: Extension of the manufacturing period as a result of problems at the reprint level or errors at the loading level attributed to the customer that requires reprinting in addition to any cases attributed to any natural disasters that may lead to a delay in product delivery.

customer rights

The customer has the right to access his personal data or send an email to in order to request correction, update or blocking of some inaccurate data.

the changes

Our website's policies regarding: its content, data, offers, disclosure, and disclaimers may be subject to revision and modification at any time and without prior notice based on Brentout's sole and absolute evaluation. In the event we change this Privacy Policy, we will take steps to notify all users through a notice on our Site and will post the revised Privacy Policy on the Site. If we believe that your rights may be affected by any such changes, we will ask you for confirmation and acceptance before continuing our relationship with you.
This latest version of the Privacy Policy was revised on May 15, 2019.

Retention of personal information

We will only retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and our legal and regulatory requirements.
Your project images will be kept for completed requests for thirty (30) consecutive days, after which we will delete all project related images for your privacy.